UI Art Tests...

So I've completed a "few" UI art tests over the past...um... "years". I thought to myself, instead of letting them rot on a hard drive somewhere, why not toss them on the old blog that I never seem to update. Maybe someone will find them interesting or pass silent judgment on them. So with that being said, I've prepped some initial images from a more recent test that I've completed. Although I did not sign a NDA for this particular test, I've left out the company name but will try to fill in as many details as I can.

The gist of this particular test was a mobile, UI art test (F2P, Casual) with two main parts. It was one of the larger tests that I've been asked to complete. Part 1 was to create a HUD using a suggested theme and art style (so both layout and art assets). Part 2 asked to then reuse the theme / assets from part one to skin several predefined wireframes that were provided. Additionally, the test asked for you to come up with a suitable game name, thus implying you additionally create a logo.

Below are some of the results:

Time frame to complete the test was 1 week, but I ended up knocking most of it out over a weekend (you know, life is busy and such). And although I'm relatively content with how this test came out, something this large (creating an entire UI ecosystem) requires much more time and thought than what was given.