Creative thinker, with a diverse skill set • Producer of high quality art on time and on budget • Rapid adaptability to new systems and processes • Ability to create complex informational flows and corresponding wire-frames • Developer experience with all major consoles, mobile and the Facebook platform • Quick adaptation to differing styles of work-flow • High and low poly modeling art experience • Knowledgeable of next-gen production techniques and work-flow • Organized and strong communicator • Eagerness to learn and grow

Specifically, my areas of expertise include:

User Interface Design | Wire-framing | User Flows | Identity Design | 3d Modeling | Unwrapping | Texturing

If you are looking for a breakdown of my skill set and prior experiences, please see my resume.

I am currently employed by Deep Silver FISHLABS. I am open to freelance opportunities at this time if the opportunity is right.

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Personal Background:

Caution, this is a bit wordy...  For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for art and video games. Around the age of 15 I got my first taste of using the computer to make art; using programs like Cinema 4D and Photoshop. I knew from that point on that making art for games I what I was meant to do. Within weeks of graduating high school I left my home in New York and moved to Arizona to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Game Art and Design at The Art Institute of Phoenix.

As a student at The Art Institute of Phoenix I spent 3 months developing 3d art, textures and user interface assets for a game titled Shanke. Shanke was used by The Art Institutes to promote their Game Art & Design program locally and nationally at events such as SIGGRAPH (2007), Game Developers Conference (2008), and Comic-Con. I completed my studies in September 2007 with honors and was voted the Student Choice best portfolio for the fall graduation.

In the fall of 2006 I began interning at 2XL Games (while completing school) and was hired on full-time shortly there after. During that time I worked on and helped ship Baja: Edge of Control for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 which was released in September of 2008, the adventure had officially begun. I worked on a wide range of tasks for this game including world object creation, physics set-up, outsource preparation and cleanup, generated shaders, and vehicle art. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the games industry. Because the studio was smaller I was able to experience the many facets of game production.

Shortly after shipping Baja, I chose to pursue other opportunities with two good buddies at a start up named CoinApp, to work as the "Lead Artist" on our first title; Max Blastronaut.  Max B. went on to win internationally in the Microsoft Dream Build Play competition, taking second place and the prize of 20,000 dollars. Max Blastronaut was intended for Xbox Live Arcade and currently has no announced release date... It's a project I hope to come back to one day.

Eventually, my game dev adventures have brought me to San Francisco, California. I've done a bit of everything since living out in the Bay Area which is chronicled in detail on my resume. These experiences have given me the necessary skills to stay competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of the game industry in addition to meeting and working with some really amazing developers!

After spending many exciting years in SF, my wife and I packed up and headed over to Germany where I currently design game interfaces.

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