Ahoy Matey! A Pirate Themed UI...

Here's a peek at some interface work I did on a (sadly) cancelled / unannounced project from last year. This work represents about 4 weeks of time that I was on the project. Overall I think the general concept for the game was pretty neat and could have had some potential. Obviously this is only initial ground work being laid for the UI. Not everything is fully logical for this interface, but I find that creating a screen that includes common elements like lists, buttons, tabs, etc is super useful for solving art problems early in production.

Take note that the intended platform would have been PC client, so navigation via a controller or mouse was being discussed. As a personal preference, I was graphically pushing this interface towards a flat design. Here are the results!

Experimenting with perspective in the menu

Different take on the color palette and icons

Talking points about the choosen reference

Talking points about the direction of the style (incomplete)