There Is No Death, Only A Change Of Game

Sadly, here's another cancelled project that I had worked on for a couple of months last year. I can't say much about it aside from that it's loosely based on the Empire brand. I was pretty happy with the direction in terms of UI art and I was having a great time playing in Unity, hacking together some basic dialogs and interface widgets.

The intended platform for this was mobile devices and a huge thanks to the the team that supported me making this. The background art for all the mockups is from the ever talented Leo Schmidt.

The video highlights various UI centric tests inside of the Unity game engine. Some of the research made includes; Button states, screen transitions, 3D objects rendered in the UI, full screen post processing, and ensuring perfomant UI.

An even more casual approach to the HUD

Basic selection screen

One of the early explorations of the HUD