Dead Island: Survivors - Launched!

Waaay back in March 2017, I joined Deep Silver Fishlabs to help out on several projects that they had going on. One of those games happened to be Dead Island: Survivors. It's been a long time coming, but after an extended soft launch, it's now available worldwide. You can find it on both iOS and Android devices today!

So, what did I actually do? Well, originally when I joined the team we had planned to simply optimize UI textures and do some general house keeping, but naturally it became a bit more than that... :) There was already quite a bit of existing interface set up, but at that point it felt like the team was itching for a refresh in terms of the UI art. After some back and forth, "risk analysis" and realizing the major feature changes were behind us, we decided to give the UI a new coat of paint. Below you can see its transformation:

Primarily, my goal was to update the UI without needing to remake everything. I wanted to make the UI feel "lighter", but still keep the shape design. So this meant simplifying the UI art assets, updating the color scheme (yellow / black) and optimizing where I could (utilizing smaller, 9-sliced textures). I think this helped bring the UI in line with modern design trends and will gives it the flexibility to accommodate future features and updates!

Here's a some more screen grabs:


You can see more in my portfolio! And as always, thanks for stopping by!